Acne problems

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As you have noticed already, any topical acne treatments can help only temporary and often have unpleasant side effects like burning sensations and excessive drying of the skin. When you stop using  them - you realize your acne is coming back within a few days. Because the real acne problem that needs a treatment is inside of our body. The acne breakouts you see on you face/body is just a side effect of your underlying hormonal imbalance of such hormones as androgens and cortisol. The sooner you put your hormones back to healthy levels, the sooner your skin will get cleared of acne. The ‘DERMA GENIUS” TM Skin Detox Dietary Supplement has  a revolutionary, scientifically-advanced   formula by treating your ACNE from INSIDE OUT! For most effective results of achieving a clear skin, you must dedicate yourself to complete a full course of  3 months (not less than 3 months) without skipping or forgetting to take your  daily stated dosage. It’s very important! By the end of the 3rd month of "DERMA GENIUS” TM Skin Detox Dietary Supplement treatment, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of your skin: clear and healthy again!